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 What is it?

Teambuilding is an idea that coach Zoe introduced us to. It takes place in a number of different activities all with the purpose of making the team feel closer. These activities involve getting to know people better as well as group discussions and trust exercises.

 Why do it?

We feel that teambuilding can help straighten out any issues that we may feel we have within the squad. The issues discussed at the first teambuilding session ranged from stunting problems, personal differences as well as ideas for future trips. This way it gives each and every one of us a chance to discuss anything we feel is wrong without feeling like they are making a fuss.

  Does it work?

Although some of us may have been a bit sceptical at first I think we can all agree that the teambuilding we have done has improved the way the squad works. For example I have noticed a reduction in the number of people talking during stunting which was an issue raised at one of our sessions.

 What do we have to do?

Here are some suggestions for team building exercises:

Ball of String: Everyone sits in a circle with a ball of string. The ball is passed round randomly so that each person can say something good/bad about the team. When each person says something they hold on to the string until a giant web has been formed. What does this represent?

Trust Exercises: Everyone is put into a group of about 6 Taking it in turn every member of the group jumps back from a chair/table so that the other members of the group can catch them. This may seem silly but it lets everybody know that they can trust every member of the squad. This helps improve relationships for stunting people.

Interviews: Each person is assigned a person to interview. These partners should be people who do not usually associate much with each other. The partners are given questions which they must ask their partner and must learn the answers to these questions. At the end everyone regroups and each person gives a small presentation on their partner.