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Results from UKCA:
  • Teenie Pom Dance 1st
  • Teenie Cheer 1st
  • Teenie Stunt Group 2nd
  • Junior A Cheer 1st
  • Junior A Pom Dance 1st 
  • Junior B Pom Dance 6th 
  • Junior B Cheer 2nd 
  • Junior B Stunt Group 1st 
  • Senior Pom Dance 3rd
  • Senior Cheer Dance 8th
  • Senior All-Girl Cheer 6th 
  • Senior Co-Ed Cheer 5th 
  • Senior All-girl Stunt Group 5th 
  • Teenie Solo - Alex 4th  
  • Junior A Solo - Elizabeth 1st
  • Senior Solo - Emily 4th

Sportsmanship award for most spirited team

Well done to everyone who entered this competition. On a sad note we have to say goodbye to Emily and Vicki from the senior team who have been with SSC since it formed in September 2002. We will miss you!