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 Cheerleading is teamwork, the friendships make you strong,
Its the sharing of secrets, and learning to get along,
Cheerleading is that drive, to be the very best,
It is patience, perseverance, and very little rest,

Cheerleading is a talent, to be able to shine on cue,
Its the stunting, jumping and hard work that we do,
Cheerleading is working together, whatever role you play,
It is total dedication, twenty-four hours a day,
Cheerleading is experiencing, the fun times that weve had,
It is helping each other, in the good times and the bad,
Cheerleading is being ready, with encouragement and a grin,
Its that feeling inside, when you really want to win,

Cheerleading is commitment, giving it your all,

Its holding that final stunt, when youre sure its going to fall,

Cheerleading is facing a challenge, with confidence and grace

Its hearing Supreme Starlights, first place!!

By Amanda Coombes, captain

 You know you're a cheerleader when:

        L, K, T and V arent just letters of the alphabet.

        You realize most pyramids aren't built in Egypt.

        You know daggers, bow and arrows and blades arent weapons.

        You think Liberty has nothing to do with freedom.

        A chair isnt for sitting on.

        You think scorpions and birds arent animals.

        You know a torch isnt just a light.

        Practice makes perfect isn't just a saying, its a way of life!!!