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** 2nd in Senior Dance ** - ** 4th in Senior Cheer! **

      Having experienced the thrills of Loughborough every single one of us was looking forward to the Northern Classic. We were to be competing in the big leagues with all the other senior squads, which added to the nerves of some people. We arrived at the comp first out of everybody and were the first squad to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Despite not having coach Zoe there, a loyal bunch of parents including Carol, Lydias Mum, Emilys Mum, Katherines Mum, linzis Mum, Elizabeth, my Mum, Dad and sister among other people had turned up to support us. After having hair plaited and warmed up we were ready to have our practise on the mat. After a successful practise we were ready to compete. The nerves had returned from Loughborough, which added to the suspense. We did manage to come 4th in Senior Cheer which was good as we were up against the likes of Chorley Warriors and Blackpool Scorpions. Lydia and Linzi also managed to come a very respectable 2nd place in Chicken in a henhouse much to the delight of everyone!



The Second day was one I found more relaxing. I always find with the cheer there is less to worry about as no stunting is allowed. A few of us arrived early enough to catch the last of the junior individuals and senior individuals giving a few people ideas for the future.. We were only dancing at about 5 oclock, which gave us the chance to wander about the place. This involved lots of dinosaur rides and a trip up the Tower to deliver a video message to coach Zoe who was on a cruise with Paul. It finally came our time to dance and we were up against 8 other teams, all of which appeared to be very good dancers. We did our routine well; the music seemed to get the crowd going especially one of the male judges! We were pretty sure that it wasnt good enough to win us a trophy. When the presentation began we were confident but when the trophies were getting bigger and bigger we were convinced that we had not placed. You can imagine what a surprise it was when we heard the commentator say: Northern Classic 2003 Senior Dance 2nd place goes to SUPREME STARLIGHTS! all I can say is that tears were shed!