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  Last July the Senior Squad made the trip down to Loughborough University for their first ever comp! On the Friday afternoon we competed on new squad cheer and despite Amanda tragically falling down the stairs on the way to warm up, we also competed in new squad dance. We were are ecstatic to find out that we had come second in new squad cheer and that we would have come second in dance if it wasnt for an (ahem) illegal move.

That night we stayed overnight at the University, which saw nearly the entire squad sat on my bed, Paul having his shoes repeatedly stolen, and stunting outside on the grass with Explosion. There were also reports of Emily & friends having experiences with foreign people and yoghurts! Despite not placing on the Saturday cheer event (we were without Amanda remember) we were all just having too much of a good time to bother. After an exciting journey home making up chants, McDonalds and is that a man or a woman? we returned home with our first trophy and lots of ideas for the future!